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Making a difference, every day again

Maaike explains how each package starts out, how the unique 'pick by light' system works and how we make a masterpiece of every package...

Maaike Dingenouts

Teamleader Warehouse VAS

Each package goes through an entire process before it is shipped. Dennis explains this to you in detail until the order is complete...

Dennis Gadellaa

Teamleader Warehouse

Order Fulfillment

Every day, Katarzyna checks the weights and dimensions of bulk batches that are transported to our customers.

Katarzyna Luzynska

Warehouse Operator

We employ nearly 100 people per day coming from social employment. Paul gives you an idea of what these special people do at our company...

Paul de Nijs

Supervisor social EMPLOYMENT

Sabine explains our policy. This is mainly about passion for your work, and we have translated it into SMILE. Here, you can see what that means to us. If it appeals to you, come work with us!

Our products are made in America, but each country has its own laws and regulations. Iris will explain to you how we handle all this complexity...

Iris de Lignie



HR Business Partner

Sabine van Berkel